Here are some sites you should definitely check out.  Enjoy!
DragonflyTales is my bestie Sue's business. She can crochet hats standing on her head while cooking dinner.  No lie.
My friend Catherine!  One-stop shopping for all things metaphysical.
Gretta's Little Everything.. I only wish my niece Gretta had more time to create stuff!  But like most working moms, time is at a premium so she also sells cool stuff she finds here and there.  This is her Etsy shop.
Dave Ross The Guitar Doctor.  Dave is an extremely knowledgeable guitar technician.  He also works on all kinds of other stringed instruments.
Southbound, my country band.  Really rocking modern country with some classic and southern rock thrown in just to keep things lively!

Strumlords, my rock band.  Everything from acoustic to Godsmack.  Just because we can.