Hi!  My name is Lori,
and I live in a little house in southern Rhode Island.  Here's my man, Dave! He's absolutely amazing and also a talented musician and sound engineer.

and our dog is impossibly cute.
 I was born and raised in RI, never lived anywhere else...so far.  I'm pretty much never sitting still unless I'm sleeping; even watching TV I'm always working on some project or other; sewing, crocheting, designing the next project or painting something.  When I'm not playing with fabric or paint, I'm playing my bass, guitar, or piano.    I've been sewing more or less constantly since I was about 12, which was a long, long, LONG time ago;  been playing music since I was about 15.  Here's my Mom, Sparky:

WHY, you ask, do I call my Mom Sparky?  That's a story I promised I'd never tell.
And here's my Dad, Colonel Sanders.  No explanation needed.  He requested that I make him that suit, because....well, he couldn't be the Colonel without it, could he?  It wasn't even Halloween.  This is why I am the way I am.
My son is a rock star.