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7/25/16:  GREETINGS!  This site had not been updated for the better part of a year!  SO much has been going on in my life I can't even begin.

For right now, the important things to tell you are:

1.  YES I am still doing alterations, at least for the time being.  
2.  I am no longer selling my wares at A Bee's Buzz; it's a wonderful place, and I recommend everyone in RI should go check it out if you have a chance, but it just didn't seem to be the right fit for my stuff.  Ah well, so I move on.
3.  For the time being, don't use my online shop.  I have not updated that in so long, there are a  lot of things there that have sold already, and I have a lot of new items that are not there.  If you want to check out my work, feel free to visit my Etsy shop through the link below.

In the next couple of months, I will completely revamp my site and update everything that needs updating, including the blog which has not seen a post in almost two years when things started spinning out of control! 

Thanks for visiting, and please check back!

I created a Facebook page for Incredible Threads...Like my page for updates on new merchandise, sales, and notices!

This page was last updated: July 25, 2016
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