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​1/24/18:  Greetings! Welcome!  I'm excited to tell you that for the first time in years, my friends and I are bringing you the Spring Fever Open House!   Click here to find out more!  It should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll end up with in the door prize basket (which this year is not a basket at all...hmm...)  Those of you who have been to our shows may recall that everyone who's selling their wares contributes something to the basket, so it's an eclectic assortment!  

If you're here looking for ribbon shirts or other powwow garb, thanks for coming!  If you click on the link on the left, you'll find more information about ordering custom items, or click here to check out whatever ready-made pieces I have on Ebay.  

It's almost prom season!  Get your gown early and avoid the rush!  My rates for alterations are almost always WAY lower than that chain bridal shop.

If you're here because you found me on Yelp, you should know that that information is not up to date. I have not had the shop on Main Street for a couple of years now. But my phone number is still the same, and obviously so is my website, and I'm still doing alterations for local (RI) people out of my house which is about a mile from where the store was. So feel free to call me. 

Thanks for visiting, and please check back!

I created a Facebook page for Incredible Threads...Like my page for updates on new merchandise, sales, and notices!

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