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8/10/14:  I'm sorry to say I have closed the store on Main Street (the online store and Etsy shop are still running). Since my husband's illness and now that I've lost him, I find I no longer have the level of commitment it takes to do the tailoring job the way it should be done.   If you left things to be altered and you have not heard from me, please give me a call so we can arrange for you to pick them up.
  I will continue to work, of course, focusing now on the more artistic aspects of the craft like I used to.  My Etsy shop will remain active, and I will seek other outlets for my work.  It has been a pleasure to serve you for these past 6+ years, and I am glad to say I made many lasting friendships during that time.  
  Please check back here as the next phase of Incredible Threads unfolds!

Thank you for understanding.
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This page was last updated: August 27, 2014
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